Landscape Contracting & Management Consulting

The landscapes of most public and private sector properties tend to be very spread-out and have a lot of outdoor features on them. While some companies and communities do have dedicated staff to handle the maintenance of these spaces, the task can be extremely challenging. This is why outsourcing the job to expert professionals like us is an excellent option.

We are one of the leading landscape contracting companies in the field and serve a large number of public and private sector clients across the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. Over the years, we have also built a very strong presence across Iowa Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Comprehensive Landscape Contracts

This wide reach and our vast customer base have been built with the consistent attention and high grade services we have been providing since 1998. Most communities have a certain amount of open spaces that require regular management and we provide customized landscape management consulting solutions. If you are looking to upgrade your current landscaping/grounds or want to overhaul the entire space, we have the capacity to handle that project as well.

Our scope of work includes a range of projects such as, institutional and public works projects, commercial sites and community developments. We have installed numerous excellent projects designed by different local, regional, as well as out-of-state landscape architects.

Our Landscape Contracting Capabilities

  • Expert consultation with certified and licensed landscape designers and planners
  • All your specific requirements will be taken into account
  • Detailed dimensions and spread of the grounds will be noted
  • A note will be made of all the different features and elements in the landscaping
  • We will take into account your budget
  • Understand whether you are looking for one-time services or ongoing landscape maintenance

Our objective is to protect your investment and we have a large number of professional Management Consulting procedures in place to ensure this:

  • Priority scheduling for maintenance customers
  • We keep you informed in advance about our scheduled visits. This includes the days on which our maintenance personnel will come over to your premises to carry out landscape fertilization programs
  • You will be provided detailed records that verify the dates of all the applications and services, to confirm the work has been done
  • Our representative will come in for bi-monthly walkthrough of all the landscaped spaces
  • We have fulltime staff that will handle all your requests very promptly
  • Communication is prompt and we have personnel to discuss ongoing requirements and requests you may have- they will provide solutions that match your needs
  • We deploy on-site supervisors when our personnel are working on site
  • Monthly inspection of the property by a licensed technician- to monitor as well as administer treatment for pests, fungus & diseases-control

Custom Designed Landscape Management Consulting

We use the latest and most advanced techniques and technology in our work and ensure that we exceed expectations on all fronts. Our company is highly committed to beautifying the Cities& Towns of America and providing end-to-end solutions for all your ground maintenance and beautification needs.

Call WorldScapes-LGP, LLC about your landscape project and tell us what your requirements are. The number to call is- 1(877) 438-4741. You can also drop us line via this email or Contact Us form on our website. Alternatively, complete this "Client Assessment Request" form & send us an email.